Physicians Rescheduling Elective Surgeries Turn to In-Home PT as One Possible Solution

As elective surgeries are being rescheduled across the nation, in-home physical therapy is helping physicians manage pain and engagement levels within their patient populations. Physicians in major metropolitan cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, are increasing referrals for in-home PT. In response, DocSpera has enabled one-click PT referrals for all patients who are geographically covered in those service areas at no cost.

Until recently, it wasn’t uncommon for patients to leave their homes and travel to their physical therapists for treatment. COVID-19 has changed the ability to continue doing that thanks in large part to travel restrictions and closed businesses. In-home physical therapy has been able to circumnavigate these pitfalls by minimizing patient travel and the need for public interactions. Therapists within the in-home referral program take precautionary measures before each home visit and follow CDC recommended guidelines for infection control. As a result, physicians looking to manage patient comfort and engagement in the interim are using in-home PT as an effective tool to keep one of the most vulnerable segments of our population safe.

During these disruptive times, it’s clear that physicians don’t want their patients to suffer additional pain as they wait for their rescheduled date to come. DocSpera’s one-click referral solution is giving physicians a new option to keep patients safe, engaged and happy.

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