DocSpera’s ‘Surgical Scheduling’ Rounds Out It’s Leadership in Care Coordination

DocSpera, a HIPAA compliant care coordination platform now enables surgeons to drive efficiency in their surgical workflow by creating secure, efficient and collaborative schedule with their care team and industry representatives. 

DocSpera, the leading web- and mobile-based platform for verified healthcare professionals, today announced it’s ‘Surgical Scheduling’ feature with new capabilities designed specifically for the surgeons, their care team and medical device vendors.

‘Scheduling’ enables surgeons and care team to do pre-operative planning and management of upcoming cases on a single cloud platform anytime, anywhere. The surgery team is able to view and manage the preoperative information including: patient information, x-ray images and videos, required implants, and much more. DocSpera allows healthcare providers to easily coordinate with all the stakeholders within and outside the organization in one platform while removing coordination errors stemming from disparate systems.

”We are excited to launch the scheduling feature on DocSpera. Integrated with the other care coordination workflow features already part of DocSpera like case sharing, secure messaging, and case collaboration features, scheduling dramatically has shown to improve workflow management for our members.” says Sy Fahimi, co-founder. “Thousands of surgeons rely on DocSpera to coordinate on complex cases and preoperative plans, and communicate while on the go. DocSpera Scheduling addresses the need for managing the complexities of the surgical scheduling workflow and brings increase of surgical revenue, while providing access to practice’s workflow analytics.”

As a comprehensive surgical scheduling solution, DocSpera’s shareable calendar replaces all surgical paperwork and lets the schedulers easily manage the practice surgery workflow efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased surgery volume and maximized revenue.

“The DocSpera scheduling platform has been a tremendous asset to my surgical practice. The extremely user-friendly mobile app offers remarkable flexibility and provides seamless HIPAA compliant communication between the surgical team and industry reps, ensuring no preoperative planning or scheduling detail goes unrecognized.” says Dr. Shane Seroyer, Orthopedic Surgeon at Texas Metroplex Institute for Sports Medicine & Orthopedics.

Through a rigorous user verification process, DocSpera allows only qualified users access to the platform – ensuring the highest level of security and HIPAA compliance. Healthcare professionals can use DocSpera to coordinate with their colleagues via proprietary encrypted messaging and case sharing capabilities.This latest release highlights the Silicon Valley-based DocSpera’s continuing commitment to empower patient care providers to communicate and coordinate both securely and on their device of choice. For more information, please visit:

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