HSS Plans to Implement new HIPAA Audits to Monitor Compliance this Summer

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) plans to implement random HIPAA audits to monitor compliance, beginning as soon as later this summer.

OCR first piloted the HIPAA auditing program in 2012. The agency expects to the random HIPAA audits to help reduce major threats to patient health information confidentiality and network security. Read More

While Electronic Medical Record(EMR) systems have provided some efficiencies in clinical workflows, most of care team communication occurs outside of the EMR systems. The EMR does not touch most of clinical interaction points, thereby cannot cover holistic workflow. Typical email communication systems also lack compliance with privacy and security regulations.

Having a communications platform for all of those non-EMR workflows that can be securely used on your mobile device and your computers has become increasingly important for healthcare professionals to improve their efficiency.

DocSpera provides a HIPAA compliant communication platform with web and mobile-based solutions that ensures access only to trusted colleagues. Through a rigorous physician verification process, DocSpera allows only qualified users access to the platform. Healthcare professionals can use DocSpera to confidently collaborate with their colleagues within encrypted network and peer to peer messaging. Thousands of surgeons and care teams are relying on DocSpera to collaborate on complex cases, determine preoperative plans and schedule surgeries.

The platform offers secure communication within and outside of an institution, provides the ability to store, annotate and forward images and videos and enables sharing of case information with a verified network of physicians and medical device industry representatives. You can request a demo of DocSpera to see how its secure messaging solution enables a seamless workflow and enhances efficiency while maintaining compliance with HIPAA. Learn more at https://docspera.com

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